How to Write Sales Manager Resume: Resume Writing Guide & Resume Example

Selling may be the strong suit of any sales manager, but when it comes to putting together their resume -- and selling themselves to potential employers -- even the best sales managers may hit some hurdles.

Whether you are a seasoned sales manager or applying for a first management position in sales, everyone can use a bit of help to present their experience in a way that will get them noticed.

Read on to learn how to write a sales manager resume that puts you in the top 1% of candidates in any applicant pool and succeeds in getting you a new sales management job!

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How to write a perfect sales manager resume?

To write a sales manager resume that sets you apart from other qualified candidates and impresses employers, follow this guide to learn:

With this resume writing guide, your sales manager resume can also end up sounding like the one below!

Sales manager resume example


Top-ranked sales professional with more than 7 years of retail experience. Skilled at developing and executing effective, impactful sales plans. Led top-performing sales team that has exceeded sales targets by 25% YoY. Recognized for strong leadership skills and record of consistently exceeding sales quotas.


ABC Company / Sales Manager / dates

  • managed sales team that maintained sales of $10M per year by optimizing operations and enhancing the sales force's customer relationship management skills

  • ranked as #1 sales manager (out of 30) for exceeding team sales goals by 15% YoY

  • established new operational procedures and improved team coordination to ensure seamless execution of sales plans and effective customer service

  • participated in the development of a formal performance management system for all sales personnel, covering quotas, evaluations and coaching guidelines

ABC Company / Store Manager / dates

  • managed a team of 3 sales representatives and led the sales division to its best performance of the year after 6 months

  • increased revenue by 10% YoY by leveraging innovative marketing techniques and cultivating positive relationships with customers

  • oversaw the implementation of a new point-of-sale system that enabled employees to more effectively manage sales transactions and improve customer service

  • resolved customer issues by actively participating in sales transactions and communicating frequently with customers

ABC Company / Sales Representative / dates

  • secured sales of $50K per month by utilizing sales techniques that created value for the customer and satisfied sales goals

  • built customer relations through positive, high-quality service and demonstrated a deep commitment to providing exceptional support for each customer

  • earned the employee of the month award 3 months in a row for superior performance

  • trained 15 new hires and seasonal workers on the company's cash registers and point-of-sale systems

  • recommended strategies to improve team efficiency and productivity and maximize revenue


Bachelor's degree / Marketing Management and Business Administration / graduation date