How to Write a Resume Headline? (10+ Ready-Made Resume Titles)

Updated: Oct 23

The beginning of a resume sets up a tone for what comes next. When recruiters and hiring managers read resumes, they're scanning applications to find those candidates who match the job requirements.

And here's the thing: If you start by writing an attention-grabbing, job tailored resume headline, you'll increase your chances of your resume being noticed and actually read.


Because the headline is what first gets your resume past those 5 or 7 seconds of recruiters and hiring managers’ scrutiny.

Despite being the shortest element of a resume, many job seekers struggle with and fail to write an effective headline that grabs the hiring manager's attention. But not you -- not anymore.

Read on to learn:

You'll also get 10 resume headlines ready-made for your resume to help you impress potential employers with your job application right from the start.

Alright, let's get into it!

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What Is a Resume Headline?

A resume headline (or resume title) is a summary of your career, stated in a few job-related statements or phrases.

Also known as a resume title or tagline, it's most commonly a short one-line sentence that summarizes your skills and experience and lets the reader know you're qualified for their job opening.

The purpose of this short yet valuable sentence is to help both the recruiter and hiring manager quickly understand what makes you a good candidate for the job -- and to grab their attention and motivate them to continue reading your resume.

Since the headline is the first thing they'll see (right after your name), it's your chance to show them that you can, in fact, fulfill the requirements they're looking for and make a difference as an employee.

Just like how an attention-grabbing title of a book or article can generate interest, intrigue and compel the reader to keep on reading to get more information, your headline should make employers curious and eager enough to find out more about you.

So, think of it as an attention-grabbing opener that must quickly let a recruiter or hiring manager know exactly why they should hire you.

To achieve this goal, this part of a resume should put forward the most relevant parts of your work experience and career in a concise and compelling way.