How to Write Recruiter Resume: Resume Writing Guide and Resume Example

Updated: Sep 30

As a hiring professional, you understand the importance of a good resume.

But when it's your turn to write one and start applying for recruiter jobs, you may feel stuck knowing that your resume won’t be competing against the resumes of average job seekers.

Instead, it will compete against fellow recruiters and human resources colleagues who spend their working hours screening, reading and assessing job applications. In other words, it will fight for the employer’s attention against others who have built their careers on reviewing resumes.

And hiring managers will have high expectations.

When recruiting for their hiring teams, they expect to receive perfectly-written job applications from potential candidates.

Therefore, if you want to put your best foot forward, it is more important than ever to prepare a top-notch recruiter resume. In order to win an interview and land a job, your resume must be flawless.

However, even though you may have experience reviewing resumes, writing your resume is a different story. After all, being a recruiter doesn’t equal being a professional resume writer.

So, the main question is…

How to write a recruiter resume that sets you apart from other qualified candidates?

To write a resume that puts your recruiting experience in the spotlight and helps you stand out among other qualified candidates, follow this step-by-step resume writing guide to learn how to:

You'll also get:

What's best, you can apply these resume tips if you're looking for similar recruitment jobs and writing:

  • an entry-level recruiter resume

  • a recruiting coordinator resume

  • an agency staffing recruiter resume

  • a college recruiter resume

  • a senior recruiter resume

Ready? Let's write a perfect recruiter resume together.

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What to do before you start writing a recruiter resume?

Writing a perfect resume starts with understanding job requirements from the job description.

Job descriptions contain information about:

  • the company and the team

  • specific duties