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    Scandinavian-style resume template made by hiring professionals. The main features are sophisticated layout, clear structure and minimalist visual aesthetics. If you want to be sure that your resume will stand out from the crowd, this resume template is the best choice.

    It works for all industries, especially those that require an eye for visual appeal, such as fashion, art, design, beauty, marketing or multimedia. 


    ●    1 and 2-page Resume Templates (.docx, A4 & US letter)
    ●    Cover Letter Template (.docx, A4 & US letter)

    ●    Reference List Template (.docx, A4 & US letter)
    ●    Step-by-Step Guide 
    ●    FREE Resume Writing Workbook (printable)
    ●    FREE Technical Support & Final Formatting Service


    Hover over image to see more details.


      1. Click on ‘Instant Download’ button on the template of your choice.
      2. Download your file from the email you will receive after your payment is processed. 
      3. Double-click the file in order to unpack (‘unzip’) it. Save it on a location you will easily find. It will extract into files numbered 1-3 following 3-step process for creating your own resume.
      4. Open Mac Pages or Microsoft Word 2007 (or newer). 
      5. Type your resume text over our text. Follow the instructions in our guide (document named 1_Guide) if you have questions or need technical support.
      6. When your resume is complete, save it in .pdf format. 


    Everything you need to get hired. 
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