Financial Analyst: Resume Writing Guide & Resume Sample

Updated: Jul 2

If you are a financial analyst, your work hours are usually filled with numbers, spreadsheets, and different data. As a financial analyst, you need to be able to study various economic and business conditions, analyse financial statements, identify trends, predict different scenarios, draw conclusions and recommend actions that can improve the company’s financial status.

But nowadays, besides expert analytic and problem-solving skills, a great financial analyst also needs to have above-average communication skills and strong interpersonal abilities.

You need to be comfortable with working in a team, communicating with different colleagues and senior management, reporting the findings of your analysis, explaining things in a clear, concise way, consulting, and maybe even taking the leading role.

And your resume needs to show that you can do exactly that.

In today’s fast-paced society, where there are countless financial analysts applying for every job ad, you need to make sure they remember you. You don’t want your resume to end up on the pile with the rest that all look and sound the same.

So, how can you be sure you stand out?

You need a resume that will leave them thinking their business needs exactly you because you possess all the skills they are looking for, such as:

  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills

  • Outstanding problem-solving competency

  • Knowledge of financial forecasting and diagnosis

  • Excellent financial literacy skills

  • Strong technical skills

  • The ability to study and identify various economic and business trends

  • Above-average communication and reporting skills

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We’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you create such a resume.

In the next 10-15 minutes, you’ll learn how to:

► write a perfect professional profile summary for the financial analyst position

► quantify your responsibilities and achievements

► format your resume

► overall, create a financial analyst resume that stands out from the crowd and gets you hired

You'll also get:

► a template and sample for a personal profile summary

► a list of 20+ action verbs tailored to financial analyst's responsibilities

► five examples of metrics to quantify your achievements

► 50+ actionable tips coming from experienced recruiters and resume writers

► a free sample reference list

► a free sample financial analyst resume

Without further ado - let's get into it!

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STARTING POINT: Job Description

Everything you need to cover in your resume is written in the job description (or a job ad, a job posting).

So, before you start crafting the financial analyst resume, you need to make sure that you understand all the responsibilities and requirements specified there. To find the most important information, look for sections called 'Person specification', 'Essential and desirable skills' or 'What are we looking for?'.

The job description will likely sound like this:

We are looking for an experienced, detail-oriented Financial Analyst to join our team.