Copywriter: Resume Writing Guide & Resume Example

When applying for copywriter jobs, your resume doesn't only display your experience. It also instantly reveals your writing skills and showcases your talent in writing compelling and engaging content.

In other words -- your resume serves as a part of your portfolio.

Since the purpose of copywriting is to sell an idea or product through words alone, a copywriter needs to be a skilled communicator who understands audience and business objectives and has a knack for persuasive writing. In addition to top-notch writing, copywriters should have excellent knowledge of grammar.

If you're looking for copywriting jobs, all of these are the exact skills you need to put into practice when writing your own resume.

However, the stakes are higher because the product you're trying to sell is you.

And there is a different set of rules for writing a resume than any other piece of content.

To make sure you're putting your best foot forward, read on to learn:

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OK, let's write a copywriter resume together!

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Do This Before Writing a Copywriter Resume.

Considering their top-notch writing skills, copywriter resumes are the best of the best.

The field of copywriting is extremely competitive, and you need to prepare for battle.

Before you jump into writing your resume, the best way to prepare is to research the information shared by employers in a job posting.

In the job posting, employers specify the things they are looking for in a candidate. If you understand these, you will be more likely to include the most important information in your resume and stand out from other copywriters.

So, read the job ad carefully.

Identify the key job requirements, repeated keywords and the terminology used in it. While writing your resume, refer to this information to create a tailored document.

By addressing the main requirements, you'll show the readers that you have met their needs or have transferable skills you can bring to the table. Also, by using the keywords from the job ad throughout your resume, you'll make it possible for employers to find you with a keyword search in their databases and applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Choose the right resume format.

When starting to write a resume, it is important to decide what format you will use.

Resume format determines the general layout, length, and most importantly - order