February 23, 2020

Six to seven seconds. According to a survey conducted by The Ladders a few years ago, that’s how much time your resume gets with recruiters or hiring managers.

Now take your resume and count to seven.

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi, Four Mississippi, Five Mississippi, Six Mississippi, Seven Mississippi – DONE!

How far did you get?

You must be thinking that this is an incredibly short amount of time to read your resume from head to toe to understand your experience, skill-set and the value you can bring. True. 

And that’s the thing - employers don’t read your resume. They scan i...

January 26, 2020

There have been so many debates about the perfect length of a resume. You've probably already Googled it and found so many articles answering this question and providing conflicting information which left you with even more questions and concerns.  What if you send a 1-page resume and skip something recruiters wanted to see? Or if you send a 2-page resume and they immediately toss it the 'no' pile because they don't want to waste so much time on you? So many questions, so few straightforward answers. No wonder this choice makes your palms sweat. How do you make this potenti...

January 18, 2020

The year is 2020, but the same questions remain: Should you send a cover letter with your resume? Does anyone even read cover letters anymore?

The thing is, when you are applying for a job, you only have one shot to present yourself as the best candidate.

Why rely solely on cold facts from your resume when you can add more information, connect with an employer through a story about your achievements and skyrocket your chances of being invited to an interview?

The amazing thing is that all of that can be accomplished with a single-page cover letter.

Your cover letter is a place where you can sho...

January 11, 2020

Little things make a big difference when you’re putting a resume together. Choices about font, spacing, margins and alignment affect the overall impression your application makes on employers.

This might be controversial, but in our opinion, the layout of a resume is equally important as the content. They are two sides of the same coin.

Think about it this way:

  • If you don’t have the proper layout, will employers give you a chance if they cannot find their way through the content?

  • If you don’t have well-thought and relevant content, will employers give you a chance based solely on a nice...

January 3, 2020

If you've made the decision that 2020 is going to be the year to achieve your career aspirations, there is one task that stands between you and your goal - writing a resume. To put your best foot forward, you need to create a resume that does justice to your experience and skills – one that presents you in the best light and sets you apart from other candidates.

However, standing out from the competition is not easy when you are trying to figure out how to properly format, organize, and create content for your resume. And all the contradictory information on the Internet makes even the most e...

December 15, 2019

The holiday season is here.

Winter has slowly crept in – days are long, the weather is cold, Christmas lights are all over the place and we are starting to reflect on what we have done in the past twelve months. Not only looking in the past but also looking in the future, trying to define where we want to be the same time next year.

On the ‘New Year Goals’ list, among drinking more water, eating healthier, and going to bed earlier, there is a thing that scares you the most: finding a new job.

It sounds intimidating, huh?

Lucky for you, employers are going through the same process as you ar...

July 22, 2019

We will feel free to assume you are here because:

a.    You are an experienced recruiter looking for a new job opportunity

b.    You have some HR experience and you would like to step into recruiter’s shoes

c.    You accidentally ended up here – if so, hi! It’s nice to have you here!
       Continue reading, you might pick up some actionable resume writing tips and hints for yourself.

Either way (referring to options ‘a’ and ‘b’) – a daunting task is ahead of you: crafting your own CV!

When applying for a recruiter job, it’s important to understand that...

March 4, 2019

Let's start with a fact: Writing a cover letter is a pain. However, even if you don’t meet all requirements specified in the job description, a well-written cover letter can still get your foot in the door. If you do it right, it gives you a strong competitive advantage and boosts your chances of getting a job.

This guide will help you write the best cover letter possible (with ease!) and set yourself apart from other candidates.

What will you learn in the next 10 minutes:

  1. What is a cover letter?

  2. Why is the cover letter important? (and does anyone still read them?!)

  3. How to stru...

January 26, 2019

If you have been looking for a job, you already know that rejections are a regular part of the job-hunting process. But did you know that you can get a rejection even before your resume had a chance to be seen by human eyes? *mind-blowing*

After you submit your application, your resume needs to go through different review stages. To save time and focus only on resumes that meet basic requirements, many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). ATS is software that makes recruiters’ life easier by helping them with sorting through CVs and finding the top candidates without reviewing each...

October 27, 2018

Literally every single interview, regardless of the job you applied for and its seniority, will include questions that aim to assess your knowledge about the company you are being interviewed for. It is a universal fact.

Although a majority of candidates know it, a minority prepare themselves for that part of the interview.

Our rough approximation is that only 2 out of 10 candidates are well-prepared and informed about the company they are interviewing for. And that comes from recruiters who have interviewed more than 1,000 candidates for major, world-known companies.

This defeating...

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